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Onetouch Projected Capacitive technology adopts single layer or multi-layer(patterned) ITO layer forms conduct / arranges and interlocks to detect the sensing element matrix.

Technological principle
have 2 kinds can realize to sense and measure on the Projected Capacitive.  One is self capacitance (also calls absolute capacitance).  The other one is mutual capacitance (also calls transcapacitance too).  The self capacitance means that among touch things and electrodes produces the capacitive coupling, and measure the change for the capacitive of the electrode that confirms the touches taking place; mutual capacitance is that touches happen will be in near 2 layers of electrode produces the capacitive coupling phenomenon.


Onetouch Projected Capacitive touch screen can provide axle interlocking contact calibration type, with different touch technologies of projected capacitive touch screen as per customer’s demand, have best linear and accuracy, high resolution, excellent light transmission, have no consideration of size for the touched pressure, even taking gloves can still be touched.

Onetouch phases in 500 of high temperature and fritted manufacturing procedure, so no matter on the steady degree of function, the durable and environmental tolerance of the products is superior to the products of the same type.

Onetouch Projected Capacitive touch screen offers the way of representation for two kinds of ITO electrode layers.  One is independent-matrix sense elements, it has one layer of ITO transparent electrode matrix; the other one is intersection-matrix of row and column sense elements, it has two layers of mutual separating levelrowand vertical fenceITO conduct electricity layer makes up interlocking matrix. 


Projected capacitive touch panels are excellent for outdoors usages, such as Kiosk, ATM, and Ticketing machine. Since projected capacitive technology may be used as multiple-touch platform, the potential of implementing in cell phone, PDA, GPS, tablet PC, Gaming, POI and military applications are foreseeable.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

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